Zelkova abelicea

Zelkova abelicea (Lam.) Boiss. (Ulmaceae) is a threatened, endemic tree of the Mediterranean island of Crete. It is one of the 6 species of the genus Zelkova which represents one of the most emblematic relict tree genera of the Tertiary. Although all main Cretan mountain massifs (Lefka Ori, Idi, Dikti and Thripiti) host populations of Z. abelicea, the distribution of the species is extremely fragmented. It is threatened by overgrazing and browsing by goats and sheep, soil erosion, drought, fire and the cutting of young branches for making "Katsounes", the traditional Cretan walking sticks.
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06 August 2018

Memorial Prof. Oliver Rackham

Memorial Event for Professor Oliver Rackham celebrating the 50th anniversary of his first encounter with the Cretan Landscape

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17 June 2018

International conference on Relict woody species

Members of the Zelkova abelicea conservation project participated in the International Conference and workshop...

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04 June 2018

Outburst of Zelkova abelicea seedlings in spring 2018!

Spring 2018, seedlings of Zelkova abelicea in the wild.


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