In situ conservation actions

  • Fencing small plots within all natural populations of Crete
  • Monitoring the growth of Z. abelicea and other woody species as well as vegetation changes within fenced plots
  • Investigating the effects of abiotic (weather and soil data) and biotic (entomological) factors on the growth of the species

Ex situ conservation actions

  • Vegetative propagation of Z. abelicea
  • Seed collection, curation, germination of Z. abelicea
  • Ex situ plantations

Communication and outreach

  • Development of a local project website
  • Dissemination of communication material
  • Implementation of environmental education and information campaigns (Info- days at schools in the vicinity of natural populations, information events at local villages targeting local communities, installation of information signs and media publicity)
  • Presentation of project results-outputs in national and international congresses

Collaborative actions

  • Elaboration of an action plan for the management and conservation of Z. abelicea in Crete
  • Publication of scientific results